Welcome to The Conversation Community.  We are glad you are here. This article is a little introduction about us!

Every now and then, it is beautiful to hear a story full of wonder, hope, inspiration, and love.  Who would have thought that we would tell this tale?

Our connection is so intertwined.  We are family, and we are friends.  Best of all, we are friends that became family and family that became friends and we are so grateful you have joined us.

Age, location, education, and family structure make us diverse.  Core values, faith, and hope make us similar.  We can all agree that it is necessary to bridge the gap in communication through love and acceptance.

As individuals, we have all traveled through trauma, loss, healing, and love.  Our experiences make us real, and our testimonies give hope.  Meaningful conversations drive our ambitions.

Someone once said that when you tell your story and no longer cry, that you have healed.  We hope that through our blogs and articles, you will find inspiration, encouragement, and connection.

Life is an adventure, and we are wired to enjoy it to the fullest.  Celebrating our wins and our personal growth is inspiring.  So jump in and join the conversation!

The Conversation Community is committed to presenting educational blogs as well as motivational blogs.  Meaningful conversation is our jam.  Join us, Will you?

There is a whole lot more to our history and about us.  Each of us has a particular role and gift within the Conversation Community.  Bringing the best parts of our experience is what makes our team unique.  To find out more about us, check out our team profiles and our history.

We look forward to connecting with you in our Facebook Group and our LIVE events.   Drop us a line and tell us a little about yourself.  Ask a question, comment, and inspire conversation.


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